CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due leverage. Approximately 74% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs.You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. Please consider our Risk Disclosure.


What is a swap rate?

Swap rates determine the cost/payment for holding a position overnight. This occurs at daily trading cutting time, on any trades held to this point. A swap amount is determined based on the interest rates of the countries involved in each currency pair and whether your position is short or long. Basically in any one currency pair, the interest is paid on the currency sold and received on the currency bought. (It depends on market interest rate thus it is not always applicable.)

In any currency pair:

  • A currency swap is the exchange of interest payments in one currency for the interest payments in the paired currency.
  • An interest rate swap is the exchange of a floating interest rate for a fixed rate.
  • Swaps rates offered by financial institutions are calculated on both a risk management analysis and market conditions. Each institution has its own currency exchange rate swaps, which measure the standard size as 1 lot (trading volume 1 standard lot).

    How do I view swap rates on the RZT Capital MT4 trading platform?

    To view the latest interest rate swaps, please visit the RZT Capital MT4 trading platform.

    To view the overnight rate, select: View> Market Watch. Right-click on the Market Watch, and select Currency Pair. Then select the currency you want to view, and then select the currency pair “Specification”.

    See our SWAP rates
    AUDCAD Australian Dollar vs. Canadian Dollar 0.00000797 -0.00002533
    AUDJPY Australian Dollar vs. Japanese Yen 0.00366242 -0.00505758
    AUDNZD Australian Dollar vs. New Zealand Dollar -0.00002771 0.00000219
    AUDCHF Australian Dollar vs. Swiss Franc 0.00004589 -0.00005851
    AUDUSD Australian Dollar vs. US Dollar 0.00000085 -0.00001335
    LCOUSD Brent Crude Oil 0.00453712 -0.00744888
    GBPAUD British Pound vs. Australian Dollar -0.00008341 0.00005539
    GBPCAD British Pound vs. Canadian Dollar -0.00005249 0.00002712
    GBPHUF British Pound vs. Hungarian Forint -0.00420065 -0.00652025
    GBPJPY British Pound vs. Japanese Yen 0.00042712 -0.00242282
    GBPNZD British Pound vs. New Zealand Dollar -0.00012284 0.00008426
    GBPNOK British Pound vs. Norwegian Krone -0.00018308 0.00002243
    GBPPLN British Pound vs. Polish Zloty -0.0002532 0.00008831
    GBPSEK British Pound vs. Swedish Krona 0.00010157 -0.00031478
    GBPCHF British Pound vs. Swiss Franc 0.00002784 -0.00004606
    GBPTRY British Pound vs. Turkish Pound -0.00178744 0.00151747
    GBPUSD British Pound vs. US Dollar -0.00004963 0.00003277
    CADJPY Canadian Dollar vs. Japanese Yen 0.0022761 -0.00356388
    CADCHF Canadian Dollar vs. Swiss Franc 0.00003403 -0.00004577
    EURAUD Euro vs. Australian Dollar -0.00010178 0.00007832
    EURGBP Euro vs. British Pound -0.00002197 0.00001073
    EURCAD Euro vs. Canadian Dollar -0.00007377 0.00005273
    EURHUF Euro vs. Hungarian Forint -0.0091935 0.0001268
    EURJPY Euro vs. Japanese Yen -0.0020119 0.00037813
    EURNZD Euro vs. New Zealand Dollar -0.00014031 0.00010759
    EURNOK Euro vs. Norwegian Krone -0.00033228 0.00019844
    EURRUB Euro vs. Russian Ruble -0.01615824 0.014556
    EURSGD Euro vs. Singapore Dollar -0.00010085 0.00005605
    EURZAR Euro vs. South African Rand -0.00385209 0.00331905
    EURSEK Euro vs. Swedish Krona -0.00008208 -0.00009814
    EURCHF Euro vs. Swiss Franc 0.00000405 -0.00001905
    EURTRY Euro vs. Turkish Pound -0.00167474 0.00143966
    EURUSD Euro vs. US Dollar -0.00006501 0.00005189
    NZDCAD New Zealand Dollar vs. Canadian Dollar 0.0000172 -0.000036
    NZDJPY New Zealand Dollar vs. Japanese Yen 0.00415942 -0.00570053
    NZDSGD New Zealand Dollar vs. Singapore Dollar 0.00000492 -0.00003868
    NZDSEK New Zealand Dollar vs. Swedish Krona 0.00033747 -0.00048522
    NZDCHF New Zealand Dollar vs. Swiss Franc 0.00004879 -0.0000626
    NZDUSD New Zealand Dollar vs. US Dollar 0.00000886 -0.00002214
    NOKJPY Norwegian Krone vs. Japanese Yen 0.00016616 -0.00037602
    NOKSEK Norwegian Krone vs. Swedish Krona 0.00001867 -0.00004043
    SGDHKD Singapore Dollar vs. Hong Kong Dollar -0.00002346 -0.00019616
    SGDJPY Singapore Dollar vs. Japanese Yen 0.00212242 -0.00453755
    SEKJPY Swedish Krona vs. Japanese Yen -0.00026794 0.00000152
    CHFHUF Swiss Franc vs Hungarian Forint -0.01065795 0.00254255
    CHFJPY Swiss Franc vs. Japanese Yen -0.00292432 0.00137573
    CHFNOK Swiss Franc vs. Norwegian Krone -0.000369 0.00024432
    CHFPLN Swiss Franc vs. Polish Zloty -0.00029506 0.00017005
    CHFSEK Swiss Franc vs. Swedish Krona -0.00015702 -0.00000729
    #EU50 Spot EU Stocks 50 0.208751 -0.288137
    #FR40 Spot France 40 0.314336 -0.433848
    #DE30 Spot Germany 30 0.762781 -1.052712
    #ES Spot Spain 35 0.5947 -0.820958
    #CH Spot Switzerland 20 0.439709 -0.85823
    #GB100 Spot UK 100 0.602824 -0.405639
    #DJ30 Spot US 30 2.624587 -0.758209
    #SP500 Spot US 500 0.28451 -0.082199
    #NAS100 Spot US Tech 100 0.674286 -0.194802
    OILUSD Crude Oil -0.01559913 0.01041712
    XAUUSD Gold vs. US Dollar -0.06449435 0.0385063
    XPDUSD Palladium vs. US Dollar 0.02775075 -0.45967
    XPTUSD Platinum vs. US Dollar -0.047713 0.0277905
    XAGUSD Silved vs. US Dollar -0.00113182 0.0005352
    NGCUSD Synthetic Natural Gas -0.00599984 0.00585311
    CUCUSD Synthetic US Copper -0.00031805 0.00015958
    USDCAD US Dollar vs. Canadian Dollar 0.00000186 -0.00001891
    USDCNH US Dollar vs. Chinese Yuan -0.00042279 0.00014332
    USDHUF US Dollar vs. Hungarian Forint 0.00529565 -0.01281415
    USDILS US Dollar vs. Israeli Shekel 0.00005183 -0.00014186
    USDJPY US Dollar vs. Japanese Yen 0.00392151 -0.00530848
    USDMXN US Dollar vs. Mexican Peso -0.00461974 0.00396806
    USDNOK US Dollar vs. Norwegian Krone 0.00011621 -0.00022768
    USDPLN US Dollar vs. Polish Zloty -0.00007547 -0.00004127
    USDRUB US Dollar vs. Russian Rubles -0.01082517 0.00950951
    USDSGD US Dollar vs. Singapore Dollar -0.00001761 -0.00001951
    USDZAR US Dollar vs. South African Rand -0.00255227 0.00211194
    USDSEK US Dollar vs. Swedish Krona 0.0003381 -0.00048667
    USDCHF US Dollar vs. Swiss Franc 0.00005255 -0.00006495
    USDTRY US Dollar vs. Turkish Lira -0.00120859 0.00099431

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